How Would You Like To Have A Proven Step-By-Step Game-Plan That Shows You How To Scale Your Online Business To 6-7 Figures?
Watch this video and see how you can work with my team and I this year to reach all your goals.
This is NOT your typical sales letter. As I write this, my intention is not to persuade you with fancy sales copy or by telling you that I have the newest "push button" system to make cash on autopilot. I will be very straight forward with you with how all this works and how my clients get results.
If you see my videos in social media, you see that I don't like to "sugar coat" what I say just to make you think that everything is easy and nice.

Building a long term online business takes a lot of work, consistency and a very well defined drive. There are concepts that you must understand and apply. There are strategies that work well, and others that don't. 

These Are My Goals For YOU With My 1-1 Mentoring Program:
  • ​Show you in extreme detail what steps you must follow to build a $10,000 - $50,000 month business online even if you're a complete beginner. I'm not saying you will get these results just by following a few simple steps. It will require a complete mindset shift and a lot of focused execution. These results are possible if you apply yourself and treat this as a real business and not just a hobby.
  • ​Keep you accountable throughout the journey of implementing every strategy that I teach you.
  • ​Answer any questions, doubts or concerns that you may have on a daily basis to make sure you don't get stuck and waste your super valuable time.
  • Help you avoid all the mistakes that I made throughout the journey that cost me well over $100,000. By avoiding these mistakes you will get results faster and you will investing your time on income producing activities.
  • ​Get ahead of the curve in the paid advertisement space to quickly scale your online/offline business. I've spent $1,300,000 of my own money on ads in the past 2 years. You won't have to spend anywhere close to that to learn what I learned. I will  simply teach you everything that is working this 2020.
  • ​Keep you focused and on track. I won't let you get distracted. I won't let you start thinking about doing something else. When you go all in with my coaching you are making a commitment to YOU but to ME as well. I will make sure you stay on your lane.
This Mentorship Is For You If You Are In Any Of The Following Businesses"
  •  Affiliate Marketing: Clickfunnels affiliate or any other affiliate offer
  •  E-Commerce: Building and E-Commerce brand or Scaling your existing ads
  •  Coaching or Consulting: If you're a coach or consultant and you're looking to get more paying clients
  •  Offline Business Owner: You're looking to create an automated system to get more people to your offline business and buy more of your products/services.
  •  Personal Branding: If you're building your personal brand in ANY way and you want to monetize it in a way that can bring at least $10,000/month.
Why I'm Qualified To Be Your Coach
I'm not a big fan of showing people how much money I make. I like to keep it that private because when I used to show how I started making a lot of money in a short period of time, I started attracting a "get rich quick" crowd. 

Ever since I stopped showing my income and just focusing on creating higher quality content, I attracted much better people into my business and life.

Nonetheless, this is a sales page and I know people want the certainty that I actually have results for myself and that I'm qualified to help you.

Many fake gurus sell coaching and courses without getting results for themselves first. I don't think it's right for someone to do that.

Anyways, I will show you some of my results for my different business models so you can see that I actually do what I preach.
This business and the strategies that I'm going to teach you has allowed me to invest in Real Estate which was always one of my dreams. I currently own 4 fully rented properties here in Costa Rica. 
I've Spent Over $1,300,000 In Facebook Ads Testing Thousands Of Different Ads And Scaling Campaigns To 7 Figures
Now, let's be honest...

Who cares about my results.

In the end of the day what really matters is if I can help you achieve results for yourself.

I believe I'm highly qualified to coach you because I have results for myself, but most importantly, results for my clients. I have a proven track record to help normal people and business owners get huge results. And that's why I have high ratings on social media:
I've helped dozens people in many different types of business models. Many on E-Commerce, many of affiliate marketing, consulting, network marketing and also make offline business owners. 

Get ready because I'm going to show you some of my client results for the different business models. These are all 100% real testimonials from real people. Not like many people that pay $15 to a guy on Fiverr to create a fake video testimonial.
Look At What Other People Are Saying About My Help:
  Zach Crawford
David Mata
Jan Krokos
Pau Oliver
Tomas Saucedo
Mustafa Shaikh
Daniel Nguyen
Diego Fumero
Nate Leung
Daniel Ortiz
Dimitris Skiadas
Dauri Acosta
Juan Pablo Bentacur
Abdel Mouniim

Audio Sent To Me By One Of My Previous Mentorship Students In His Last Day Of Coaching (Really Enjoyed Working With Him!)

I want you to imagine this...

You wake up in the morning, have your breakfast and immediately start working on the game-plan that we made together.

Lets say that for some reason you don't understand something and you get stuck.

All you have to do is take out your phone, press a big orange button and get direct access to me. I will give you a solution and explanation so that you understand what must be done and WHY.

It's that simple. Simple is better.

Just imagine tapping a button asking a questions, and getting answers based on experience. Experience from failures. From lost ad spend. From campaigns scaled to $40k/day. From trial and error.

This is something I wished I had in my first year of getting started online. If I would have had this kind of access to information, I would have gotten results a lot faster.

Most coaches will never pay individual attention to you because they are too focused in getting new customers and get the money in their bank accounts. And IF they do give individual daily attention they will charge you $10k+ for their time.

My goal as a coach is to help you quit your job and do this full time. We will figure out the exact numbers so that we have a specific target to aim for.

If you apply what I teach you, use my done-for-you material and go the extra mile, then there's no way you can't change your life.

Making $5-$6k/month is very realistic if you apply what I teach you and take action.

Now, while all of this is extremely possible, I can't make any income guarantees. I can't guarantee you will make X amount of money in X amount of time. But what I can guarantee is that I will do everything in my power to teach you everything that has worked for me in a very simplified and easy to understand way. I will set you in the right path to succeed.

Many people ask... "If you're so sure your program works, why can't you make guarantee I will make X amount of money?"

Several reasons:

Legally, I can't guarantee you will make X amount in X time.  But even if I could, I can't control if you will join my mentorship program and then put zero work.

I can't control your execution. I can't control if "life gets in the way". My responsibility as your coach is to give you the same information and strategies that I've applied to grow my business. My responsibility is also to keep you accountable.

But in the end, you're responsible for the execution. 

Having said that, let me ask you a very important question...
What Is All This Worth To You?
  • ​Having me as your one on one coach every single day to help you get results
  • Having your sales funnel done-for-you and brand it to YOU so that you can start building your brand and reputation online.
  • ​Being able to reach out to me ANY time of the day to get your questions answered.
  • Be coached by someone who spent over $1,300,000 in ads and helped his clients generate over $10,000,000 in sales all together.
  • ​Be ahead of everyone in the industry and know what is working NOW.
  • Have an accountability coach that will often tell you what you don't want to hear. When you hire me, it's my responsibility that you stay on track. I will make sure you FOCUS.
How would you feel if you can consistently start generating sales and getting recurring payments every single month?

How would it feel to finally remove all that information overload from your head and make a very simple and profitable process that you can follow?

I can guarantee you that this coaching will be life-changing IF you take it seriously and go ALL IN.

So if you're ready to become one of my 1-1 clients and get daily coaching from me, click on the green button below to schedule a call with us and apply to become a 1-1 client.
Regarding The Investment...
As you can probably imagine, there is an investment for my 1-1 coaching. 

I will be investing a lot of time, energy, focus and resources to make sure you become successful.

I have also spent hundreds of hours figuring out what I know and creating a bulletproof system that anyone can apply.

If you want to apply to become a 1-1 client please be aware that I can't do this for free.

I receive dozens of DM's from people asking if I can coach them or help them for free. In specific cases I help people through DM.

But the truth is that I have to respect my 1-1 clients that paid for my private mentorship.

It's not fair for them if I'm helping everyone for free and they had to pay for individual attention.

You will be investing in yourself, in your future and in your journey. You will be making a commitment to yourself and to myself. Please only apply if you fully understand this.
Steps To Move Forward:
Step 1: Schedule A Call
The first step was to read all the information on this page. This means that the process has already started. This will help me make sure that when you schedule a call you fully understand how I operate and how serious I am to help you get results.

So now the next step is to schedule a time using the form in the bottom of this page. You will be required to answer some questions so we know a little bit more about where you're standing and how we can help you.
Step 2: See If You Qualified
We will carefully review your answers to the questionnaire and also get on a call with you to see if we think we're a good fit together. We do this to make sure we can give you the best results in the time of the coaching.
Step 3: Create A Custom Made Plan
As soon as we get started working together we will get on an initial 1 hour Skype call where we will do screen-sharing and map out your game-plan for the next months. We will lay out all the tasks and to-do's that must be completed in extreme detail. We will also note down what are your specific income goals for the year and then reverse engineer the process to see how many sales you need to generate on a daily basis.
Step 4: Create Your Custom Sales Funnel
By signing up to my 1-1 mentoring program, you will have all your sales funnel done-for-you. My team and I will work on your funnel to make sure it's branded to YOU, even if you're using my own videos and credibility to get sales.

I sell this done-for-you service separately for $2,000. We've had many clients for this service before. But by signing up for this 1-1 mentoring program we will include this service for free.

The outcome will be a beautiful and high converting version of my sales funnel that is made to spit out recurring affiliate commissions. 
Step 5: Work With Me 1-1 Every Day
By this point, we will have your custom made success plan, your co-branded sales funnel and all the steps and to-do's that you must execute to reach your goals.

Now what you will do is take massive action and implement what we have on the game-plan. I'm going to be just one "tap" away if you need anything. If you have any questions, concerns or mental blocks, you can reach out to me very quickly and get support.

I will be your personal coach and make sure that you stay on track to reach your goals.

This is not a coaching program where you're told what to do and then left alone. This is a program where I will be on your side in every step of the way. 

My team and I will also be doing 90% of the work because we will create your funnel, your emails, we will set up all the technical parts.

If you want to take this mentorship for your Clickfunnels Affiliate business, we will provide all the bonuses to your leads. I will personally go to the group and make live trainings to make sure that your leads stick to using Clickfunnels (which means you keep getting paid).

I want you to focus on making sales and creating content. I will take care of the rest.

Most fake coaches will charge you thousands of dollars and then leave you alone. You can reach out to me anytime, any day.
If You Feel That This 1-1 Mentoring Program Is Something That Would Help You Reach Your Goals, Then Just Answer The Simple Questions Below To Schedule A Call And Apply For One Of The Limited Spots.
Need Support? We're Here To Help!
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